ВУЗы Москвы, ВУЗы России
Институт химии твердого тела и механохимии СО, Научные организации РАН
Российская академия наук. Высшие учебные заведения РАН.
Институт химии твердого тела и механохимии СО

Адрес: 630128 Новосибирск, ул. Кутателадзе, 18

Адрес интернет-сайта: www.solid.nsc.ru

Тел. (383) 332-86-83, факс: (383) 332-28-47

Электронная почта: root@solid.nsc.ru

Директор: чл.-к. Ляхов Николай Захарович

Тел. (383) 332-86-83, (383) 332-96-00

факс: (383) 332-28-47

Заместители по научной работе:

д.х.н. Ломовский Олег Иванович

Тел. (383) 332-06-57

e-mail: lomov@solid.nsc.ru

к.х.н. ТУХТАЕВ Рахматулла Каримович

Тел. (383) 217-05-39, (383) 217-04-37

e-mail: tukhtaev@solid.nsc.ru

Заведующий аспирантурой: к.х.н. Шахтшнейдер Татьяна Петровна

Тел. (383) 332-53-44

e-mail: shah@solid.nsc.ru

Наименование отраслей науки и шифры специальностей научных работников, по которым функционирует аспирантура:

02.00.00 - химические науки: 02.00.04, 02.00.05, 02.00.21

Шифры специальностей, по которым функционируют докторские диссертационные советы:

02.00.00 - химические науки: 02.00.21

Перечень основных научных направлений

Химия твердого тела, в том числе механохимия, поиск путей управления химическими реакциями в твердом состоянии с целью создания новых технологий и материалов.

2009 Справочник подготовлен коллективом сотрудников Управления кадров РАН под руководством вице-президента РАН академика В.В. Козлова.
Т.И. Пугачева, Э.З. Конторовский, Т.П. Полякова,
Г.А. Елкина, Ю.И. Иванова, Т.В. Степанова

просмотров: 463
Услуга в области высшего профессионального образования [2007] 385000 Адыгея, г.Майкоп, ул.Первомайская
Курская государственная сельскохозяйственная академия им.профессора И.И. Иванова
Государственная публичная научно-техническая библиотека СО, Научные организации РАН
Пятигорский государственный технологический университет, 357500 Ставропольский край, г.Пятигорск
Центр теоретических проблем физико-химической фармакологии, Научные организации РАН
Московский государственный строительный университет (МГСУ)
Иститут практического востоковедения (2013-)
«ВолГУ» ФГАОУ ВПО Волгоград
Московский институт аналитической психологии и психоанализа (2013-)
Первый МГ медицинский университет имени Сеченова МЗ РФ (2013+)
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Search Results from «Озон» Академическая литература
Access 2010 Programmer?s Reference
Access 2010 Programmer?s Reference

A comprehensive guide to programming for Access 2010 and 2007

Millions of people use the Access database applications, and hundreds of thousands of developers work with Access daily....

1679 руб

The Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors
The Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors
Avoid business blunders with Do s and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors "Roger Axtell is an international Emily Post." The New Yorker America hosts some 41 million international visitors who spend $50 billion dollars each year while mixing trade and tourism. Do s and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors offers hosts an indispensable guide to everything from entertaining and business protocol to the role of interpreters and corporate gift giving. You ll find:
  • List of tips by country on specific aspects of hosting and other valuable resources and references.
  • Guidance for doing business with special groups, such as the British and Japanese.
  • What foreign guests find peculiar about American dining, social drinking, and office protocol.
    With the information in Do s and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors, you ll make your clients and colleagues visits more pleasant and avoid social mistakes that could ruin a deal. Instead, you ll gain a competitive edge by laying an important cornerstone of a good business relationship.

    "Knowing the appropriate protocol, customs, and etiquette when hosting business guests from overseas can often be more significant than the business discussion itself. This book provides all that and more."

    William A. Guenther, Manager, The Council House, Official Guest Facility of S.C. Johnson Wax Company


  • Цена:
    2368 руб

    The Mystery of Economic Growth (OISC)
    The Mystery of Economic Growth (OISC)
    The Mystery of Economic Growth (OISC)...

    1659 руб

    Invisibility is the Art of Survival
    Invisibility is the Art of Survival
    Invisibility Is the Art of Survival marks the first appearance in this country, in book form, of the work of Edwin Brock. Born in London in 1927, Brock says he has spent the subsequent years waiting for something to happen, occupying his time as a sailor, journalist, policeman, and adman, in that order. Yet none of this, he feels, has touched him, "except with a fine patina of invisibility." Poetry, however, is for him an act of self-definition "which sometimes goes so deep that you become what you have defined. And this," he adds, "is the nearest thing to an activity I have yet found." Thus in addition to being poetry editor of Ambit, Brock has published several volumes of his own. His first, An Attempt at Exorcism, was brought out in 1959, and was followed over the next decade by A Family Affair, With Love from Judas, a large selection in Penguin Modern Poets 8, and A Cold Day at the Zoo. For Invisibility Is the Art of Survival, Brock has gleaned a representative selection from all his previous books, adding to it a number of recent, uncollected poems. Confronted with his work, American readers will agree with the critic Alan Pryce-Jones that Brock has written "some of the most observant and compassionate poems of our time - poems, moreover, in which the poet keeps his feet on the ground as skillfully as his head in the air."...

    310 руб

    Tomcat: The Definitive Guide 2e
    Tomcat: The Definitive Guide 2e
    Tomcat: The Definitive Guide 2e...

    3269 руб

    The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis – Book XI of the Seminar of Jacques Lacan
    The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis – Book XI of the Seminar of Jacques Lacan
    The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis – Book XI of the Seminar of Jacques Lacan...

    1697 руб

    Mergers and Acquisitions for Dummies
    Mergers and Acquisitions for Dummies
    Are you a business owner or executive thinking about selling a division, a subsidiary, or the entire company? Or are you thinking about how you may be able to grow your business by merging with or acquiring other companies? Or are you a student thinking about making a career in a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) related industry?
    In other words, if you are looking for a plain-language, no-nonsense guide about how mergers and acquisitions can affect your company and career, you've found your book!
    MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS FOR DUMMIES is your insider's handbook about the practice of buying and selling companies. It explains the entire M&A process step by step, introduces you to industry specific terms and acronyms, details the documents used when buying or selling a company, discusses valuation techniques, reveals insights about how to finance deals, provides real world examples of how to structure transactions and bridge valuation gaps between Buyer and Seller, and gives you the basic tools you will need to successfully close M&A transactions.
    Plus, you'll get expert advice on identifying and contacting potential M&A targets, performing due diligence, drafting the purchase agreement, and integrating new employees after the deal closes.
    Going beyond the case studies of other books, MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS FOR DUMMIES is your one-stop reference guide for successfully buying or selling companies....

    1689 руб

    Rethinking International Trade
    Rethinking International Trade

    Over the past decade a small group of economists has challenged traditional wisdom about international trade. Rethinking International Trade provides a coherent account of this research program and traces the key steps in an exciting new trade theory that offers, among other possibilities, new arguments against free trade. Krugman's introduction is a valuable guide to research that has delved anew into the causes of international trade and reopened basic questions about the international pattern of specialization, the effects of protectionism, and what constitutes an optimal trade policy. In the four sections that follow, he takes a revisionary look at the causes of international trade, and discusses growth and the role of history, technological change and trade, and strategic trade policy.


    4479 руб

    HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
    HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
    A full-color introduction to the basics of HTML and CSS from the publishers of Wrox!
    Every day, more and more people want to learn some HTML and CSS. Joining the professional web designers and programmers are new audiences who need to know a little bit of code at work (update a content management system or e-commerce store) and those who want to make their personal blogs more attractive. Many books teaching HTML and CSS are dry and only written for those who want to become programmers, which is why this book takes an entirely new approach.
  • Introduces HTML and CSS in a way that makes them accessible to everyone-hobbyists, students, and professionals-and it's full-color throughout;
  • Utilizes information graphics and lifestyle photography to explain the topics in a simple way that is engaging;
  • Boasts a unique structure that allows you to progress through the chapters from beginning to end or just dip into topics of particular interest at your leisure.
  • This educational book is one that you will enjoy picking up, reading, then referring back to. It will make you wish other technical topics were presented in such a simple, attractive and engaging way!...

    2729 руб

    Media Technologies: Essays on Communication, Materiality, and Society
    Media Technologies: Essays on Communication, Materiality, and Society
    In recent years, scholarship around media technologies has finally shed the assumption that these technologies are separate from and powerfully determining of social life, looking at them instead as produced by and embedded in distinct social, cultural, and political practices. Communication and media scholars have increasingly taken theoretical perspectives originating in science and technology studies (STS), while some STS scholars interested in information technologies have linked their research to media studies inquiries into the symbolic dimensions of these tools. In this volume, scholars from both fields come together to advance this view of media technologies as complex sociomaterial phenomena.
    The contributors first address the relationship between materiality and mediation, considering such topics as the lived realities of network infrastructure. The contributors then highlight media technologies as always in motion, held together through the minute, unobserved work of many, including efforts to keep these technologies alive....

    3851 руб

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