ВУЗы Москвы, ВУЗы России
Всероссийский заочный финансово-экономический институт (ВЗФЭИ)
Высшие учебные заведения г.Москвы

Москва и Московская область
Вузы экономики, менеджмента, права и социальной сферы
Всероссийский заочный финансово-экономический институт (ВЗФЭИ)

* 123995, Москва, ул. Олеко Дундича, 23.


( 1448519, 1443761. : http://www.vzfei.ru./  + main@vzfei.ru.


v м. Филевский парк.


Госаккредитация № 0048 от 16.05.01.


Факультеты: Финансово-кредитный; Учетно-статистический; Менеджмента и маркетинга; Непрерывного обучения (ФНО; п/о).


Специальности: Финансы и кредит; Бухгалтерский учет, анализ и аудит; Менеджмент организации; Маркетинг; Государственное и муниципальное управление; Экономика труда.


Форма обучения: заочная с возможностью обучения в дневных (3 сессии в год) и вечерних (2—4 раза в неделю) группах.


Обучение бесплатное и платное.


Продолжительность обучения: 5,5 года.


· Ускоренная подготовка возможна через ФНО для выпускников экономических специальностей техникумов (колледжей) и профессиональных училищ (лицеев) (п/о; прием без экзаменов; ( 1463741).


Прием заявлений: с середины июля до середины августа.


Вступительные испытания: в конце августа — математика /п/ (б/о) или /з|н/ (п/о), русский язык /и/ (б/о) или /з|н/ (п/о).


· Имеются подготовительные курсы (( 1465111, 1441669).


· Второе ВО (3 года; п/о; ( 1465740).


· Филиалы в городах: Архангельске, Барнауле, Брянске, Владимире, Волгограде, Воронеже, Новороссийске, Калуге, Курске, Кирове, Краснодаре, Липецке, Омске, Орле, Пензе, Смоленске, Сургуте, Туле, Уфе, Челябинске, Ярославле.


· Ф-т повышения квалификации (( 1446770). Аспирантура, докторантура (( 1447688).

просмотров: 1929
Московский технологический институт ВТУ (2013+)
Услуга в системе образования [2008] 355047, г.Ставрополь, ул.Октябрьская
Кольский научный центр проблем энергетики Севера, Научные организации РАН
Муниципальный институт г. Жуковского
«ЧелГУ» ФГБОУ ВПО Челябинск
Московская академия рынка труда и информационных технологий (2013+)
Российская академия театрального искусства
Федеральное агентство по энергетике **
Академия хореографического искусства Театрально-режисерский факультет
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Introduction to Residential Layout,
Introduction to Residential Layout,
Introduction to Residential Layout,...

6690 руб

Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design,
Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design,
Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design,...

10465 руб

The Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors
The Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors
Avoid business blunders with Do s and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors "Roger Axtell is an international Emily Post." The New Yorker America hosts some 41 million international visitors who spend $50 billion dollars each year while mixing trade and tourism. Do s and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors offers hosts an indispensable guide to everything from entertaining and business protocol to the role of interpreters and corporate gift giving. You ll find:
  • List of tips by country on specific aspects of hosting and other valuable resources and references.
  • Guidance for doing business with special groups, such as the British and Japanese.
  • What foreign guests find peculiar about American dining, social drinking, and office protocol.
    With the information in Do s and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors, you ll make your clients and colleagues visits more pleasant and avoid social mistakes that could ruin a deal. Instead, you ll gain a competitive edge by laying an important cornerstone of a good business relationship.

    "Knowing the appropriate protocol, customs, and etiquette when hosting business guests from overseas can often be more significant than the business discussion itself. This book provides all that and more."

    William A. Guenther, Manager, The Council House, Official Guest Facility of S.C. Johnson Wax Company


  • Цена:
    2454 руб

    Chronophobia – On Time in the Art of the 1960s
    Chronophobia – On Time in the Art of the 1960s
    Chronophobia – On Time in the Art of the 1960s...

    3839 руб

    Post Captain
    Post Captain
    "We've beat them before and we'll beat them again." In 1803 Napoleon smashes the Peace of Amiens, and Captain Jack Aubrey, R. N., taking refuge in France from his creditors, is interned. He escapes from France, from debtors' prison, and from a possible mutiny, and pursues his quarry straight into the mouth of a French-held harbor....

    1604 руб

    Fastnet Force 10 Rei (Paper Only)
    Fastnet Force 10 Rei (Paper Only)
    Fastnet Force 10 Rei (Paper Only)...

    1719 руб

    Princess of 72nd Street
    Princess of 72nd Street
    This remarkable novel by Elaine Kraf received almost no attention when it was first published in 1979. For whatever reasons, America was not ready for this dream-like look at life inside the head of a young woman, a struggling artist, living in New York's Upper West Side and coping with the ravages of manic-depression.

    Not only did Kraf take on a dark and disturbing subject, she did so in an utterly original, witty, and inventive manner-a provocative move, even in the liberated culture of the 1970s. And, while others have since expanded upon the territory that Kraf was mining, one still has to go as far back as the early down-and-out-in-Paris novels of Jean Rhys to find a writer who so boldly and honestly portrays a smart, sardonic, attractive, but deeply troubled woman fighting to survive on her own in the city....

    1025 руб

    A Month by the Lake and Other Stories
    A Month by the Lake and Other Stories
    Seventeen stories deal with a middle-aged romance, a child's pain, a man living in the past, pilots during World War II, and an absent-minded old man....

    1015 руб

    Library of History – Books IV,59– VIII L340 V 3 (Trans. Oldfather)(Greek)
    Library of History – Books IV,59– VIII L340 V 3 (Trans. Oldfather)(Greek)
    Library of History – Books IV,59– VIII L340 V 3 (Trans. Oldfather)(Greek)...

    2149 руб

    This welcome volume encompasses the entire history of the bassoon, from its origins five centuries ago to its place in 21st-century music. James Kopp draws on new archival research and many years of experience playing the instrument to provide an up-to-date and lively portrait of today's bassoon and its intriguing predecessors. He discusses the bassoon's makers, its players, its repertory and its audiences, all in unprecedented detail. The author examines the acoustical consequences of various design changes to the bassoon, from its invention in 16th-century Italy, through its redesign in 17th-century France as a four-piece instrument, to the dominance of the Heckel-system bassoon in the early 21st century. He also offers new coverage of the bassoon's social history, including its roles in the military and the church and its global use during the European Colonial period. Separate historical chapters devoted to contrabassoons and smaller bassoons complete the volume....

    3259 руб

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